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Claudio CampaDello

Claudio CampaDello is a virtuoso of the bass, a fine Classical double bassist, composer and performer. Constantly driven to search for new languages and musical expressions. Plays in concerts mostly in SOLO BASS PERFORMANCE. His concerts are always great curiosity, interest and appreciation from the public

Classical Solo Bass Performance

Claudio CampaDello proposes himself in solo: concert in SOLO BASS. In the last twenty years he has developed an elegant style, both technical and interpretative, which allows him to face with confidence and with correct stylistic taste, important pages of Classical musical literature.
From its curriculum there is a thick versatility. In his career he has covered almost all musical genres
The multiple experiences converge in his original compositions and his arrangements.
Claudio CampaDello plays exclusively in "real sound" or without the help of electronics as pre-recorded bases, drum-machines, loop-stations. For this reason the concert in SOLO BASS by Campas Claudio Campadello is considered rare in the world. Characteristic that led him to perform on important stages, including New York and the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

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